Donating books: how it works

The beauty of Books 4 Life is that all can contribute in their own way. By donating books you support the charities. All books are welcome: novels, cooking books, travel guides, children's books, reference works, poetry, etc.

We are looking for books of good, saleable quality and therefore we generally cannot accept:

  • Damaged books
  • Former library books
  • Outdated study books or reference books
  • Encyclopedias.

Donate books?

Good, saleable books are always welcome! You help us tremendously if you stick to the following 'rules'...

Small consignments:
If you have one or two bags or boxes of books, just bring them to our store.

Large consignments:
If you want to donate a larger quantity, please email us first for an appointment at We generally reply to emails within a few days.

find yourself a nice book