Our bookshop: a beautiful space full of books

Books 4 Life Eindhoven is located at the Burgers building on the Hertogstraat 2, in Eindhoven, at walking distance from the city centre.

Our bookshop is made possible by Vredesburo Eindhoven (The Eindhoven Peace Bureau, website in Dutch).

In the store of Books 4 Life you will find quality second-hand books in various genres, at very reasonable prices.

Looking for a specific book? Send us your queries about any books or our assortment by using e-mail you can always ask questions about our current stock. We do our best to reply within a few days.

Assortment: deep and wide

Books 4 Life’s assortment includes novels, thrillers, fantasy, poetry, children's and comic books, both classics and recently published works. In addition, we have a very large non-fiction section comprising books on art, sciences, philosopy, sports, religion, hobby, cooking, technology and so on…

Apart from books, we offer a selection of CDs and DVDs. Don't forget our 'browse box': 4 books for 1 euro.

Store space

We regularly refresh our stock, so do drop in now and then, to check out our new offerings. Books you've been searching for so long.... Who knows, you might just find them on our shelves.

Book folding art

While you are browsing around, don’t forget to take a look at the book folding objects created by one of our volunteers, Anne.

bookfold art

Anne has upcycled books to create new art objects. Thanks to her creativity old books are given a new lease of life. More photos, background information and contact information can be found on her website Schaduwlichtje.

Online shopping

Books 4 Life also sells a selection of books online through the Boekwinkeltjes.nl website. There you can find works that cannot be readily sold through the bookshop: specialist books, antiquarian books, sets, etc.

We do not keep our online collection in the store. Please inquire through the contact options of the online platform whether in-store pickup is possible.